Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Virtual Groove

The long grooves channel emotion. They, like the famous wall in China, take a lot of repitition to build. And, like the Grand Canyon, much time or energy to form.

Invisible Force
These long 'cuts' only work when gravity is at play (holding the 'needle' in the groove).  One might say the channeled object has to be sufficiently 'heavy' as the distortion in the space-time continuum dictates.

Memes, on the other hand, are notoriously light. When many high-level agents participate - especially interactively - those memes become groove like in their effectiveness WITHOUT becoming heavy. The energy to build virtual (meme) grooves is very small now that a low-cost global infrastructure has reached critical mass. The work of the group documented here is the story of that crossing and the members, the members who helped build the bridge.

There are some who would describe the virtual groove as a meme phenomena.  I am one of them. Further, we would define meta-physical as beyond physical. Nothing more, nothing less. Information, knowledge, wisdom etc. all fall into this category without regard for where they appear to reside.

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