Thursday, September 2, 2010

Got To Serve Somebody

"For whom does our anger serve?"
The silence following that question, rather conspicuous. Wasted energy generating unneeded heat. After just enough time, she added, "When you are included in 'them', there is an implicit 'I' that would rather not be included. Someone is, for all intents and purposes, speaking for you and it stimulates afflictive emotion. It is a time of dangerous suggestibility."

Understanding greed as a mental disease, a tricky proposition for the same reasons other addictive syndromes are. If there was a way to deal adequately at this level of detail without empirical methods, he was unaware of it.

How do we care for our brothers who have fallen to a path of darkness? Listen carefully. I hear it. Over there (the sun was setting - lighting up the campfire set.)

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