Thursday, September 30, 2010

Return Benefits

"Frankly, by itself it does not make sense."

"The intention is to initially engage recognition memory rather than to peak analytical interest. The sequence is critical in a mind-share competitive environment.

"Take for example the phrase, "Extremism, Just Say No". In today's noisy mass-media context these words stand out largely because they are recognized by the all important visceral emotions that access long term memory."

The caller, still skeptical, paused before asking the next question, choosing his words carefully, "That is an interesting theory ... one amongst very many."

He was hopeful now that he could hook this thoughtful person into a productive dialog, he respectfully replied, "Fortunately, we have compiled early statistics that tend to confirm the hypothesis."

"Can I see them?"

How does your garden grow?

That was his cue to call up the graphics using a open tool familiar to communications specialists. As he drilled down into the statistical detail,  the growth potential became apparent.

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