Thursday, September 16, 2010

Didn't Go Well

"... pushin' to hard?", he wondered out loud.

Moving Target
"I'm not so sure. Without compelling evidence, one is ill advised to jump to hasty conclusions. "

"There is compelling evidence. A dear friend was visibly shaken after our short dialog. Usually not lost for words, he was ... wow, trembling."

"Might there have been other contributing factors?", she asked.

After a pause, he conceded, "I see what you mean."

Trusting faces is better than just about anything else, but not perfect. One of the profound truths of mind is the distance that can be put between essence and its facial appearance. Trust, its not just yes or no. It is a continuum along several dimensions.

Ron's Watch

They are just words (they are just pictures etc.) But it is, after all, an important way we share. Technically, communication - socially, mandatory. Economics without interactive communication is ... not.

"After a break, we will discuss the alleged invisible extraordinary access and its meaning."

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