Friday, September 3, 2010


The phase relationship of the incoming echoes only partially effective at locating the singular emission point. No illusion that echo analysis alone was enough. The critical path at the moment, though. Multi-dimension auto-correlation had enough uncertainty requiring subjective judgement as the final step.

Waiting is ...
Inside of just of few days, several signal candidates well above the noise - broadcast, print, personal interaction with new acquaintances. His gut seemed to say that a highly critical cover had been broken. The sponsor revealed a bit more. Proactive defense ala Heinlien seemed appropriate.  Given the implicit risk, a prudent measure.

Multi-modal encrypted insurance, only as effective as the automatic trigger mechanisms that deterred the manipulators. It works by assuring them that the price of attempted coercive measures will be very high. 

Moving goal posts - policy in this instance?

"Of what am I afraid?  I am not sure. That is the point. Or more correctly, my ego is not aware ... yet." Afflictive emotion serves whom?  And how is that so?

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