Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Millennial's Turn

When was the corner turned? The answer, very much dependent on the detailed definition of corner. Precision on the temporal vector is sort of a trick question, is it not? Large consequences first evident in our corner of the universe with the exploration of the subatomic world. Implications in the more accessible 'reality' domain had led to epic questions regarding emergence. Its application in the conceptual domain was the ride of a lifetime so far for this old baby boomer.

Time reversal, time jump etc., routine for decades. But its meaning to that 'objective reality' that was held with such religious fervor? Serendipity writ large. History is not fixed, not even close. How was it that so many treated it as if it were static because our now had passed it by?

No longer just questions for the romantic minds of the subjective world, this was the newly discovered stuff of concrete meaning. There was a time not long ago that the images on the system monitor would have been regarded as impossible for an artifact. Awe as a way of life. Cool, he thought.

Just then she came through the open door, the smile on her face as timeless as the vector in question.

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