Thursday, March 18, 2010

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A killer app for identity on the web? One could argue the 400 million member social network monster, Facebook (FB) is already there. The faces are a form of ID. And photos are a relatively strong link between a person and a networked presence associated with that person.

What if that association (person with online identity) was much more secure and instant than with FB currently? So much so, that purchases could be made with a multipurpose device (think iPhone and the like) as quickly, and reliably has handing a dollar bill to an available checkout clerk for an item whose price is 1$. Only without the clerk and for just about any other price?

So are we talking about a Facebook application that uses devices as nodes (NO extra hardware) in a very high performance low cost authentication network that bonds each transaction (so as to completely remove the risk for both customer and retailer?)

I am using Facebook and FB application as place holders here. While they would be perhaps the best candidate as a platform now (400 million persons worldwide!) one could argue, say, Google or Twitter etc. could also work.

Thank you for your input so far on this public domain invention. The more input put into the public domain the better it is for each person (as opposed to those who simply want to profit greatly from individuals - and, too often, by manipulating them).

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