Friday, June 18, 2010

And Back Again

The similarity with the environs from which they awoke was unmistakable. Still a reasonable doubt. They had arrived from a direction … or method they could not have anticipated months ago. The seeming time fusion could explain it though. He chose to reserve judgment until the tenuous concept seemed plausible in their current context.

The shifting foundation was disconcerting. That was expected. That it had meaning … not really. At least to the extent it was beyond the principles that had served them in their risky quest.

A long simmering debate about two often disparate academic paradigms, liberal arts and science/tenology still not resolved in that one could actually claim the last note was played. And maybe that is as it should be. The rhythms and phrases implied a triumphant … about to say, end. But conclusion might better describe it.

More than once through history the futile attempt at compulsively objectifying reality had run headlong into its incompleteness. And it was surely not pretty, at least not as it was described in history. Those touchy, feely notions of a friendly but indescribable omnipresence emerged as if to say, "Put down your toys, its time for dinner."

Is it that we do not truly outgrow the anger we first felt when individuating? That its remnants pervade the rest of life here, now? His educated friend using his extraordinary intellect to maintain an energy wasting tension. At times it looked to be the work of a winning coach, at others the behavior of adolescent angry about not knowing what a bag is about (much less having one.)

And those shizoprehnic followers, found validation in the camaraderie of the group. Caveat: playing observer for the purpose of stepping outside that being measured. Accepting another's lead without conscious awareness that that is what is happening.

Weeding out this pattern, a truly dynamic problem. Why won't those weeds just hold steady so we can eradicate them? So many great jokes fitting into the cognitive convenience category.

"When does a transient become periodic? When it repeats …"

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