Sunday, June 6, 2010

Notions of Reality

Analog notions of reality. He often used to hear words to this effect that reality is analog, that they were somehow equivalent except for the convenience of those who study the very small. Then fields of waves collide with particle behavior and then, worse yet, something about a fusion of the digital and probability. What is a common sense sort of gal or guy going to do with that?

And what of these continuums whose tails do not trail off to nothing? We can describe it with limits never met by our perception of 'reality'. More questions than answers. Yet we want first to declare something, anything. And are left with the emptiness it implies. Seems to me Shakyumuni described it with a primitive language of 25 centuries ago as well as anything today and he admitted to standing on the shoulders of giants, in a manner of speaking.

Right up against it, they were. Paradox based on ambiguity as certain as an absolute, ambiguous … paradox. And from it life springs and confounds the 'law' of thermodynamics. Staring into an abyss. One in multitude scattered in every direction. Chasing a particle or wavefront and guaranteed never to catch 'It' as it is 'returns' to the source. Lets say that is, perhaps massless, and receding at the universal speed limit from every direction.

Dreaming in a world known to be connected in every conceivable fashion and more, left little option with regard to the unitary source. His dear friend says, "The Photon" and after awhile as if to get it for the first time he asks, "The Only One?"

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