Sunday, June 20, 2010

Core Dump

Nothing to lose from failing again. Much to gain from learning from the failure though. And the learning is on the path, even if indeterminate in length, to success.

Logos - … order and knowledge
Ethos - … morals
Pathos - appeal to an audience's emotions

Suggest a course of study: Let 'er rip.

Logos on high, my mama Ethos said, my Pathos told me so.
I know what you mean? What do you mean by that?
Well they play together.
In the soup?
Yes, there.

Super compute this, Grasshopper.

The grooves keep diverting us.
Then we must fly.
How do you do that.
Ask the soup.

That is our mission.
To find out?

On high is supported by nurturance and encoded ancient experience.
Isn't that constraining.
For an individual, yes.
how about a group?
and all?

Cycles too?
Seems reasonable.
Add it to the list?
Or, at least, candidates for such.

How can a course be a groove?
In context, they are pretty much the same.
When groove leads to a spill?
Time for a new groove.
That takes time.
Yes, less time in the soup though.

She is a soup girl. And I love her.
Her or it?
I see.

At soup's edge, an embrace.

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