Monday, June 21, 2010

Key of Light

Public voice, private ear …

"Your prescription for chaos has been filled, you can pick it up at the counter. Have you signed up for our rewards program? If you buy more worthless stuff we can discount your purchase of future worthless stuff. Its about savings. Our marketing department has spent much of the company's margin on selling you stuff you don't need so that it can pay less taxes. This, in turn, rewards criminally overpaid management to pump up the profits for anonymous shareholders, private entitlement groups (pensions, retirement funds etc.), China and professionals w/o souls." He thought to himself, nice that the tongue-in-cheek presentation was entertaining as well as informative.

"How is it that you don't see opportunity in that?"

"I see what you mean.", he answered appreciating the pace of her words matching his ability to rhythmically absorb the humor and its substantial implications. The house of cards was actually quite rigid. Stable in the attrition of despair. But likely to come tumbling down with a small change, precisely timed.

A few from the dark side could see their vulnerability. Their vision a result of reverence for the clever even if it resided in the competition. Redemption could be appealing to just enough of them to turn the tide. For they are clever too, but their historical cynicism … lets just say a critical fraction have 'outgrown it'

"We know where to look generally. A bit of diligence and we will discover how to narrow the field."

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