Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wider Field

As he looked again at what the data had shown, he was grateful. This whole mini-crisis had a silver-lining. Neglected beginners were, in effect, using the best means at their disposal to disrupt the mechanism that was responsible for the neglect. Unbeknownst to them, their effort was planting and nurturing the new seeds of dysfunction.

And there was their team member. Caught in a confusing no-man's-land between a relatively rigid functioning organization that was somewhat oblivious to the new threat and a group of newbies, highly confident in their potential to contribute (justifiably so) but also lacking a critical component, experience.

Ranting fools, world turned upside down every time someone comes of age … and yet she listens. Because it is what humans can't help doing. And the wise, who think for the long term, craft the message to be 'heard' though buried deep in the noise. How do they do it? By carefully tuning the low power transmitter with the signature of cognitive resonance discovered in knowing the receiver(s).

Friendly is a good configuration for such efficient communication. Not perfect, but nearly so with regard to 'security'. A message not noticed because it is small to the mindless rhythms of the very powerful (insecure). The wasted energy gradually siphoned off in ever bigger chunks to build a vibrant equilibrium.

She buried the message in the cake knowing that a fellow human would discover it. And the mystic subtle whispered its gentle secret, once again.

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