Friday, June 11, 2010


The careful balance of trust with both the interviewee and the audience is even more challenging in a real-time interactive environment. The preparation for such an occasion is a process of engagement based on escalating confidence in and amongst the participants.

Trust on deadlines is risky business. A question arises in such cases - who benefits from the existence of the deadline? If all interested parties do, the risk is lower though the necessary implicit agreements may have unintended consequences..

These were just some of the important reasons for careful sequencing of the interview regime. The core piece of the mission, at least as it is now viewed, is trusted connection. Just as clearly as it cannot be answered with a simple binary, true or false it is also fair to say the complexity is emergent and content dependent.

In the slang of the realm, a reverence for the soup and its 'nature' is mandatory. There simply is no substitute for establishing a dynamic rapport. The bridge is never finished because the shores to which the ramps are attached are constantly shifting (alive). Time lapse photography of a vibrant city's skyline illustrates the principle well.

And so it was with the early stages. The corner stone of the concept itself, its definition was, necessarily in a constant (though somewhat predictable) state of flux. Maintaining its integrity in the face of continuous and growing challenges was the foundational constant. Keeping close tabs on the task and constantly updating introspective tools proved key to scalability.

"Looks to me like our next task is to abstract this part of the scaling step we are now in with a view to 'signing' it. Agreed?"

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