Friday, June 25, 2010


From the start they had been confronted by the ever present vulnerabilities of the ego. Often laughing at the mistakes they made in a self-deprecating way, there simply was no substitute for a conscious vigilance on the subject.

It was helpful to be constantly working on an 'ego-dependent' system. The view into the consequences of selective attention gone awry was a recurrent reminder of the secular argument for compassion. The subtle truth was beautifully complex, in no small part due to its highly abstract nature, up the indirection tree.

Some of the most accomplished came by way of a highly threatening dysfunction, easily led astray by suppressed ego lashing back. If and when balance is restored the potential to become champions of life, not just in life. No better choice than to just brace for the storm knowing it will make them stronger.

Incentive I would like you to meet Compassion. Compassion, Incentive. We have chosen this place because of its symbolism. When great concepts assemble in new ways, we humans thrive. It has happened before, look around. It is time for it to happen again.

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