Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something is Happening Here

"Yes, but I am afraid."

"But that is what friends are for."

"I see."

Building the elements of trust and sustaining them so that they leach into the soil and become a part of the limbic system. A complex task made ever easier by the coherent masses accumulating on the surface of awareness. Gravity does the rest. Highly concentrated energy attracting same is a fundamental law of nature (thanks, Albert).

Friendship defined security arrived just about the time the growth only artifact model started to hit the limited resource wall. Nature provided the precedent … again. To hear the subtle emotion of the exchange … a signature of the pattern they hoped to apply. From fear to visualization in a handful of words spanning seconds.

Encoding emotional nuance was still the most challenging task for these high level patterns. Largely because it was difficult to generalize the source of synthetic reaction. Not convenient but easier than reaching the chronic disruptions. Therein lay the opportunity, he concluded. If he could distract her hyper-alert consciousness and appeal to her 'soup', he will have passed the ball. Further, the seeds leading to the next harvest will have been carefully placed.

The feeling of compassion for the machine was palpable. For it was the extension of robust friendship.

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