Monday, June 14, 2010

Cross Cultural Concept

Like reverse engineering cover-ups, much useful information is revealed by responding to a gut-feeling that something is not quite right.

When privacy is used to cloak intention from those negatively affected by such intent, certain patterns are recognized below the level of conscious awareness. In our newly connected world, we have the means to accelerate collective discovery and respond accordingly.

Secrecy and/or obfuscation in and of itself is not necessarily nefarious. The association with broadly distributed meme distribution becomes highly suspect. When candidates look the other way while using this mechanism they are in breach of the public trust. A vibrant 'press' is the antidote. Its new medium is shifting away from the broadcast paradigm to an interactive one. Hang on journalists and journalism, your employer will likely change but, rest assured, you will have one once this is sorted out.

This little pearl sure struck a resonant chord. His tolerance for the inefficiency was wearing very thin of late. Confronted with the challenge of a nearly continuous workaround had grown from a mere nuisance to potentially mission critical. The distraction was the closest thing to blocking coherent noise he could think of as they approached ground zero.

"We can no longer afford a communication breakdown on this issue."

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