Thursday, June 3, 2010

Technique 101

Taking pride in tuning out others to stay focused. It sounds good, as far as it goes. On further inspection, the weaknesses of its blind application become apparent. Take the term 'focus'. Often it is used by those who are attempting to get others to follow a non-obvious lead they are promoting.

And so it was, she had been led unknowingly into a secret agenda she would not have supported, had she known. Experience meet energy. Energy - Experience. A bridge over sometimes troubled waters (and a tip of the hat to Simon). Watching the slow-motion fall of a titan in the personal computing space had developed over time many of the same vulnerabilities. Primitive override, even after modulated by higher level cognition can bring down rather than protect. "Be careful what you wish for".

His mind's eye pictures were different than hers, but they surely had elements in common. Something to pass along to the visualization expert(s) on the team. He made a note to do so.

The afternoon meeting was top of mind now. The first in a planned series of interviews to develop the seeding technique for the disclosure perimeter expansion. This issue had fascinating implications as a result. Previous attempts were truncated by the lack of supporting interaction. In this case, such interaction was job one. If it could not be sustained, it would be back to the drawing board to see why not. Context was not just conducive to success, it was mandatory.

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