Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Vision's Nocturne

It was telling a story of an unexpectedly warm reception in ancient and storied land much maligned of late. From the beginning, a progressive calm was growing as the field of daybreak is flooded by the dawn.

To land on the Horizon required extraordinary skill and the cooperation of the inhabitants who lived there. But as the destination neared the attraction, while not affecting the velocity of their vehicle, became …. overwhelmingly friendly.

He recalled the toddler's smiling and knowing asian face in her pretty dress. And her male admirer, he had a way with the girls, remarkable for such an early age. Their picture together symbolic of what could be gleaned from a long bridge (Bejing/Jerusalem).

Primitive Directive writ large, an urge to carry the message to those still suffering. The legend an ancient map to a landing spot on the edge of oblivion (some say to The Photon). Epic myth encoded in the very DNA common to all life.

Without a compass or any other means to navigate he would find his way out and would attempt to share the magic with those he learned to love. Uncertainty fueled his journey much as it reflected the content of the abyss at lands edge.

The meal and the way its was served, such an expression of generosity that instilled the meaning of smile. The Soup - at its best, a sea of security based on mutual interest rather than isolation.

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