Friday, June 18, 2010

Collateral Hormones

In a moment of brainstorming with her, a practical epiphany occurred. Legendary for her ability to trash all the latest cutting edge gadgets in record time, he was inclined to document this fact for posterity in the common method of the time, digital photography.

Imagine, if you will, how these familiar devices could end up in this condition from 'normal' teenage use. Keep in mind, this happened in the USA not in Afghanistan. Further, no human life was lost, as far as we know. Nor were any animals mistreated either.

When asked how it was that these otherwise durable devices seemed to fall apart as if nuclear war had broken out, she replied, "Dad, I am a teenager … duh."

The picture above gives you a glimpse into just what can happen to innocent life-like devices entering the … hormone domain.
In the process he learned that epochal moments often revolve around adolescent behavior. It is not just an urban myth.

Back to the epiphany, "product testing services of the extreme kind ought to be of particular interest to a manufacturer known for 'cool'. Stay tuned.

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