Sunday, June 27, 2010

River City Trouble

Rational Framework Problem: Rational is an idealized state that, in practice, is never quite achieved. Those who argue it either are deluding themselves or have their fingers crossed, out-of-sight hoping no one will notice.

The more one uses absolutes to describe foundations the riskier the structure. And yet most eloquent declarations assert just that way.

"It is a trick. All I have to do is discover what the trick is." The critter is encouraged because, at times, she/he actually gains on that seemingly elusive posterior appendage.

I'll write a paper, have it peer reviewed and get a grant. Why would I want to end the support for my lifestyle by finishing the project if, instead, I can use my credentials to argue (with great skill) it needs further study?

Sometimes a sense of humor is the only tool to disarm arrogance. The hazard, humor itself can be corrupted by arrogance and its cousin, denial. Those two, smoking in the boys room, again ...

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