Monday, June 7, 2010


He looked around and thought to himself, "this is why the Native Americans called it heaven." Feeling fortunate indeed that the limits on his physical capacity did not prevent him from coming here in the best month of the year, bar none. Certainly not coincidence that it was to demonstrate just what it means to extend identity with connected friends. It was decades ago that he first conceived of just what it would mean if dialog originated from a natural place as far from 'civilization' and nearly all of its 'conveniences' as possible.

In a matter of hours, he would be interviewing the person most associated with the benevolent application of human artifacts. And then moderating an international discussion related to the interview. A dream come true? Well yes. But he would argue that building its vision in the minds' eye of a critical mass would also. And even launching the meme by showing its practical feasibility was a satisfying on a grand scale.

Those early interviews, the prototype for this. Their assembly into a manifest collective vision was precisely the point. As awestruck as he felt that at this point in his life's timeline, the thought that he would be here now trumped it.

The means to share this experience with the world with off-the-shelf interconnected devices was truly remarkable. As technological capability became widespread and low-cost, there was an accelerating shift to meaningful content and effective collaboration. Dreaming no longer confined to a resting place naturally paralyzed and a solo activity. This was what the cutting edge of scaling up the dream was all about.

They prepared to launch the raft, wireless devices ready to share interactively with an international audience standing by. Save for the way they were dressed and what little part of the floating device was showing, one would not have known this was happening hundreds of years later.

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