Saturday, June 12, 2010

How Did Nature Do It?

The concept in a nutshell is the anonymous high-volume distribution of intentionally misleading information. Like high-frequency trading on Wall Street, it promotes disruption of the friendly consensus that checks and balances initiatives. This exploitation problem was, more or less, not anticipated when the heuristic network was designed. Their work was, in large part, an effort to address this vitally important unmet need.

The large infrastructure organizations have had the advantages of the 'cloud' for a long time. To the degree their revenues are linked closely to a high integrity relationship with individuals, the foundation for organic growth is in place. The organic precedent goes back ten of thousands of years, at least. Bio-mimicry requires more than merely seeing an application of the functionality. How to build a system that adequately 'mimics' takes considerably more than just observing external behavior of a black box.

Cataloguing the unnamed signs and symbols and the misnomers was becoming easier. But no team member was oblivious to the enormity of the task anymore. Only recently discovered was the method of purposely withholding classes of data from a team in order to discover new techniques of remote sensing and action in the machine.

Mediating the clash of two of the team members had opened up grand new vistas of opportunity for him. She was constrained by a lack of experience and her opponent by pretty much the same thing. And he, tasked with the meta-application of on-the-job protocol as it relates to teamwork, had a chance to see much room for his own improvement in this area.

"Just finished updating the log. Please acknowledge at your earliest convenience."

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