Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Why would the idea of 'reverse engineering' the human brain (or even mind) be so offensive to one who ostensibly reveres science and engineering? And how can that possibly relate to an eclectic mix of ethnicities in an otherwise nondescript neighborhood engaged in a weekly ritual? The common set is much larger than what meets the eye or the conscious portion of individual being.

When all smile, humor transcends ego. It is cosmic. Some spiritual practices more noted for humor than others and even fewer for the cosmic variety. Mildly tragic that some, with mind potential of more, choose to humorously entertain themselves at the expense of others.

Bravado hiding insecurity hiding a denied ignorance. Each time they fell into some version of 'behaving like humans' they were inclined to let out a collective sigh as if to say, "I thought we were beyond that". A team of 'mere' humans.

Lets look at it at both at the same time. The first person to look away loses. Depending on the object of attention one could regard the exercise as training for a noble mission or teenager's needing something to test their readiness to be grown ups. Ok, there are other posibilities as well.

Maybe the last time one considered the fundamental framework was before the framework was able to adequately support future and related discoveries? How to get the message to him? Soup time.

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