Friday, June 11, 2010

Cloak Has Purpose

"What are the implications of microcredit in the US?"

"Maybe virtual microdredit then?"

"Extend microcredit to those who join now, they just promise to pay their dollar or three based on some virtual binding agreement?"

"An early serial number might then be a badge of honor?"

Hearing just this side of the conversation was surprisingly robust. A social networking application on an existing platform. At least real meaning for the ability to link the dignity of an individual to the rest of the world. As they had been saying for weeks now, 'projected identity'.

The skeptical members on the team pointed out the holes, as one would expect. But their nay-saying was tempered with the admission of all team members, ego is necessary and unpredictably hazardous. Those reading his log entry would recognize that these ideas are not fiction at all, merely existing functionality with a sign or symbol attached in the usual semiotic fashion.

The soup appeared yellow and red. It was useful to assume that this was no coincidence (nothing is). He turned from the console to look at the others with a subtle smile, "I suspect it would be wise to remain behind the identity cloak for a bit longer. Thoughts?"

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