Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Guest Tonight

"You are a part of the story by virtue of your presence."

She hesitated for several very long seconds, then asked, "But where are we going?"

Since the interview regime began, a variation of this question invariably came up. The expression on her face, priceless. Who would have guessed that this soup business would lead to something akin to 'photographic memory'. It was just yesterday or the day before that he was with a key player, a stark contrast to their rapport. Train of thought maintained by avoidance of eye contact. He must focus beyond and away so as to not be confused by his engaged audience? Right.

"There is much to fear from looking in there. Do you like horror movies? Why? No, not much. I used to be afraid. Now, not so much. But you dare to look … in there? Yes. Why? To better see what is in the other direction among other things.", his mind rambled as it often does. 

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