Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Each Carefully Chosen

A classic problem with autonomous appearing thinkers? That dude renowned for communication circa 1500 bc or so had a way of thinking about such patterns.

The scholar who inspired him most on subjects of this type probably thought in a different language than his. Yet his words, in English, as they appeared in that dead tree medium, began his two decade long journey into human potential. He reflected, fortunate indeed that the sage is still with us.

Already, he was getting feedback from the machine that would lead to naming the pattern. There were clearly a whole class of sentient beings that resisted a sophisticated artifact's influence as if it were the work of the enemy. Look who's calling the Pathos black, he mused.

So it is with the wisdom of compassion he would wade again into the at times raging ocean. Because it was the wise thing to do. But this time, better prepared. The sea's energy can be sensed from anywhere one touches it. Like the soup.

Harvesting that energy for a worthy mission, an implicit promise. Yes, a statement here and only a bit tentative. But any lingering doubt was more likely due to an unfinished question than ...

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