Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dirty Laundry

"How dare we edit in the cloud? Readers have important surfing to do. There are plutocrat instructions to follow. Rules to be followed. Leaders to obey. Our quiet desperation is barely masked as it is. And you have the unmitigated audacity to put something in a place available to almost everyone that is not perfect?"

He could barely contain his laughter, reading this and thinking about how ridiculous they felt. Actors all, but following which script? And those clowns that hid behind the visual medium, safer humor?

Its not so much that she gets it when he laughs at himself. More that the hyper-vigilant ego is caught sleeping - not inclined to bark at the unfamiliar. So anger expressed through humor is a special case. If the blowout bleeds off the pressure it might be good. Not so much if it taints a large swath of the human spirit in the process.

Individuation, as if it was really over with when the zits start to disappear. The word from her lips caught his attention more than the others. Because it was acknowledgement that the message was received. In your dreams, Ego. More likely a subtle reminder, "The Beer Diet video is funny because you are not likely to be an 'adult' in this lifetime, self."

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