Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Win the Series

Accidental mediator, curious roll for this old-timer, he thought. The two parties he knew as well as anybody he could remember but this was the first time ever of being a sort-of a collaboration facilitator. Probably not. It just felt like a big deal. Each of them needed the other two to see themselves. Emergent opportunity … less surprising each time. Yet another implicit demonstration of connection along the lines of dependent origination.

Speculation engine needs exercise. Its hunger can turn from maintenance to compulsion. And for this issue, one could argue the transition to pathology happened over relatively long periods. His mediation roll was an opportunity to see, really see, from a sufficient distance the story of the fall from equilibrium.

One steeped in a cultural gender imperative and the other in the ubiquitous transition to responsibility. What is my excuse, he asked himself. I suspect I am about to find out.

Symbolic nature of the disputed behavioral object was not lost on him. How does one dance the cogent indirect with this one? The primitive land mines were many and proximate. Distractions abound. And somewhere it felt like a red fellow with a pitch fork had that look.

So, he shared this with his friends through the machine. It had become a very pleasant routine. Supporting the notion that often progress is more about prevailing in a conflict with a dragon than eliminating the fiery beast.

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