Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dark, Very Dark

A dark view, destiny for the lone bright star will fade with the years and burned out hyper expectation. Just another potential heaped on the normal distribution of entropic waste.

Does it matter what I think? Don't ask me when it pours, the day after the slap from the once trusted. I might convince you all is lost save for extreme suffering. I have a way, a very ugly way, with words at times.

And he wonders, weeks or at least days of following someone else's thoughts. It that such a good thing? I mean that idea that meanderings of another mind, no matter how eloquently recorded should be in lieu of the connectedness that can only come with interactive rapport with the vast stores of human experience. Perhaps we are simply raising the bar for what deserves sustained attention. War and Peace did not prevent Hiroshima or the BP Oil spill. A low tech way to bridge the tribe to humans organized at the next level, maybe. Enough with the flowery flights of fancy we can ill afford.

Well reader, you wimpy voyeur, I warned you. Back off. And close the door on your way out.

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