Monday, June 21, 2010

Groove Wary

"… on that groove thing. Do you suppose we fell in one?"

Grooves can be a good thing when they lead somewhere. But not all do. This one with a wavelength of months and a history of destructive resonance. Remember when Tesla shook an entire building with just a sustained tickle at the building's resonant frequency?

A war of the roses, passion behaving badly. Each time they fell in, they had to struggle back out. No more forward progress until they reached the top. Would be better to know the edge and its location before the fall and avoid it. "Next time ... next time,", he grumbled to himself.

The old dog cannot remember where he hid his favorite bone. But this canine is wise if a bit creaky. He sleeps a lot, chooses his steps careful. The old gray matter dances unencumbered by robust young peripherals (legs, eyes etc.) Memories fill the cracks, thank you.

So with less capacity to sense and manipulate the 'real' world, grooves are cut with more care and attention.

He winked at her with one of his fading eyes, "You said it dear." She, never more beautiful to him than at this very moment.

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