Saturday, June 5, 2010


When they see holes in our attempts at reasoning, they may take an approach that causes one to lose face. Not so big for a child, more so when pre-disposed to a defensive reaction. Especially in the case of the perceived undermining of a classical tribal role.

Seeing it in the other direction … when power is derived from the drive to propogate there is a tendency to use whatever means is at one's disposal to not let that perception replace other essential survival functions.

The difficulty of thinking on this subject, perception of justifiable manipulation, without triggering a set of primitive knee-jerk reactions was challenge extraordinaire. Perhaps demonstrating the potential of developing tools that pragmatically augment and/or divert such a strong motivational force.

Though the phenoms period spanned several decades, likely much longer, the timeless nature was beyond even the duration and scope of spoken languages. The soup, actually his soup, had its own language as it pertained to related stories. Dialog with soup is much different than a conversation. How so was in itself a fascinating subject.

When she awoke, she just knew of 'the presence' and when she told of her dream it was later clear to him that he could only imagine from a distance. No too far though ... could say, intimate. A story of gender, near the top no doubt.

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