Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Surface and Just Below

"…then why are you looking for it under the street light?"

"Because the light is better".

Man-made Value
The joke, a clever way to expose a common vulnerability of the ego-driven model of political discourse. The ego chooses to use shallow reasoning ostensibly to free up mind resources for other tasks that might require deep reasoning.

It is a necessary executive function to take some things for granted. When some particular assumption is flawed, the executive can make a bigger mess with the actions she takes than had she not done anything at all. Each of us has an executive function (ego). Clever short-term thinkers can exploit this aspect of another's conscious action by disguising the flawed nature of a suggested assumption.

Flawed logic. Was it an advantage to be confronted with an application for logic before studying it? I guess we are about to find out, he grinned with anticipation. Applications Driven Learning pattern detector activated. He looked over the higher level configuration options. Some he chose on the spot. Other option decisions he chose to defer.

The trickle of feedback over the last 36 hours led him to believe that the message 'through' the machine was reaching her. And most importantly, in a way that may lead to a sorely needed candor.

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