Monday, May 31, 2010

Permit Imminent

The meeting is not scheduled yet so there is more time to prepare, he thought. How often he was seeing something they suspected since the first substream monitors were installed, everything is connected (the architecture guaranteed it).

Recalling a time when a friend was just beginning to see the consequences of the power and responsibility link on the primal platform. Not then yet realizing how the assets at her disposal were perceived by the target group, she tended to take them for granted. Like most, if not all of us, sooner or later realize, our ego driven behavior starts to take advantage of the power before realizing how its fuel can be wasted on the inconsequential or destructive.

Demanding autonomy was an expression of confidence. But the confidence was, at least for the scope of its application, not sufficiently justied. The successful nurturance model prescribed a gradually increasing autonomy perimeter based on milestones achieved. One of the most important of which was the one at issue currently.

To be able to really understand the other party by standing in those other shoes, he elected to adopt the other party's rules of engagement, as he understood them. Though he found deception a poor choice for almost any interaction with someone on the inside, he needed to adopt that tactic now to better understand the basis for effective communication with her.

"Good luck with that.", the veteran said with a knowing smile.

"The old dog and a new trick. Maybe the old dog is deeper and not into mindless tricks anymore?"

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