Friday, May 28, 2010

Again, no surprise.

It wasn't the first time a covert romance played a pivotal and potentially disruptive roll in an ambitious plan. What an understatement. Procreation and practice for it … the longest lived of ambitious plans. Further, it subordinates others more often than any other. The question: now that it is in the open, can the team recover from the security breach quickly?

Her audacity was, on some level, commendable. On another she took the risk that deception was the wise path. If there is anything they had learned it was deception as a tactic is a last resort inside the team. One could hope it was youth. But hope is better reserved for situations outside a group known for pushing the cutting-edge of communication.

Now wrestling with decisions to disclose detail that had been held in reserve for just this eventuality, he wanted to know when an eleventh hour was likely to arise. The 'master override' had a reputation for impacting the less experienced but the phenomenon was surely on a continuum.

Shedding his old attachments was heart-wrenching. This one was hitting very close to home. Yet, given the urgency, he must face his personal nemisis to see it through. There may not be enough time to delegate effectively.

"Should we test their perimeter again?"

"Not yet, the probe will need a different design.", he replied.

Meanwhile, coordination of the production would require constant attention to maintain continuity. Serendipity that this new element had such promise for the narrative. If the musician-executive meeting could happen tomorrow close to - or even better - in the control room the abstract would take the recent form that had served them so well.

And … would she be Ok with being sidelined? Wishful thinking that she would be relieved?

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