Monday, May 24, 2010

Maybe Song, Maybe Not

"… in such a hurry to catch a slow train."

It might have looked liked that but he would have argued that speeds were not the issue. Not at all. The soup is neither static nor homogenous. The plodding mass was one of many currents below an already 'underground' surface. Descending deep to look up sacrificed observational agility. Fast scans to cover large fields only work when filtered to match what is to be seen. If we only knew.

The story resonated. Creative crazy. Crazy Creative. How could he be here if he had not been there. Regret is as good a measure as any. No matter though. A title can tell many a tale, lyrics even more. Sing me a tune, I'll be your lover.

Romance as formula. How little some can tell. Not lost on him. Not this time. Yes a dance, that ever different can last … a very long time. Organic fusion as the master pattern or nearly so. Caught in dreamlike current, fate in the hands of someone to trust. Glad to know you after all this time.

Competing agendas and a view… Perhaps not, know that we will be waiting for you.

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