Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wallow & Learn

Questions eliciting open ended answers. The best interviewers understand it well. It may be the way to proceed. The 'audience' wants to better understand what led to the event that could redefine a relationship of a decade and a half.

Seed, roots and a durable early plant. Projected longevity a function of understanding history. Even that which preceded the seed, if possible. Not too many species capable of that. Perhaps only one (I have my doubts though).

If it took all this time for him to understand it … write then and save for later. Artifact to communicate, thank you guys.

Observations of the threat that had existed for awhile but only recently detected was leading to the pre-model representation of at least two named meta-patterns. Systemic mirror nature of mind and latent visualization trigger. Tests are as natural as sex. And guess what … more related than first occurs.

What tales the double helix could tell. To a country beat on a fuzz guitar. Whalin' like a forlorn train whistle. Shakyamuni said something about suffering and cowboys put it to music. Anger and sorrow, the bridge. Look close - it lives.

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