Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Friday, Early May

" … to get away from the intensity and -- by the way, I hate how this word is used -- focus. This is a working retreat, no agenda not even discovery. All we asked you to bring you would have to bring anyway." They laughed because they knew precisely what was meant.

Arriving in a late afternoon this time of year set a dramatic stage. The clouds just breaking up from a spring rain that seemed to make the new leaves glow. The sun just having set - red, light blue and a dark grey blue sky - opened for breaking bread.

The sounds of birds … they know what happens at water's edge. Many had tried to understand why coming to place such as this had such a profound effect.

"Well, right now I cannot think of thing I want to hide. I wonder why?". She just replied to virtually everyone in the party observing her as they were about to take their seat around the table. Just a matter of hours ago they were back at the consoles taking the work at hand a bit too seriously.

The first lull in the joyful conversation was a great set up, "I can't stand it anymore … waiting for the first one to break a rule" This time they laughed in unison. Further their laughter faded as if in response to a conductor". It had to be a segue to something.

Just then the first of the food arrived extending the anticipation while whetting the appetite. Some could understand their behavior in the context of extended family getting together. Others would relate to a happening that acted as a surrogate for what they had missed in childhood. Trust was deep and implicit.

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