Sunday, May 30, 2010


A semiotic cultural differentiator can be useful in understanding mind architecture. It does so by outlining perceptual and expressive commonality amongst cultures. When the network first supported cultural interconnection at a high enough level, a flood of primitive truths about mind architecture emerged.

Appropriate Detail
Very useful, he thought. He started preparing to share it with his team and felt a tap on his shoulder. It was unexpected but something below his conscious awareness overrode his startle response. He turned to see her looking deeply into his eyes, her fixation jumping back and forth to each of his. He smiled to greet her but remained quiet. 

She spoke, "I know what you did … thank you for trying."

"Sorry for being so clumsy, I am just now learning …". With any luck the leap of faith and the long preparation may be about ready to flower. And then again, maybe not yet. Learning more would be a quite acceptable outcome, though.

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