Saturday, May 15, 2010

... Earth move.

Cacophony - internal, external or both? Holding on to an unsupportable assumption because it 'felt' good consistent with personal resolution of related conflicts. The noise at the coffee shop this morning - was it the source … or mere accompaniment?

"Is it possible you are taking a position and vigorously supporting it based on something you wanted to hear and not much else?"

It was a fair question, he had to admit. The underlying assumption was that the mechanism was built around a somewhat confusing concept. On one hand, allowing a person or persons to put a limited amount of their own resources at risk to try something with the potential to become useful and grow in the process. On the other, allowing a person or persons to transfer wealth to their own account without benefit to those from whom the wealth was taken.

One could argue Mind Share has been at play for a very long time. Certainly much longer than just the period since the term was coined. One function of society has grown exponentially in the last century. It modulates Mind Share and as such attracts those who would use it to personally benefit.

Reduce to a simple syntactic model. The subject influences object. The subject controls object. The subject reasons with object. The subject senses object. And so on.

Master Subject is Master Object. And the Verb describes observation or change. These foundational structures in retrospect are anything but trivial. Oh… and what if those verb candidates are not mutually exclusive?

Very few in his network of friends found his fascination with the workings of mind offensive these days. And when more did? Perhaps it was more because he was not comfortable going there himself until recently.

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