Saturday, May 1, 2010

... detail - not

It felt like somebody was watching or perhaps listening. Spooky. He knew that it could not be the case as they had gone to great lengths to prevent that possibility. But the tingling of his skin and the vigilant attentiveness, unmistakable. Visceral confirmation that the task was nearing a successful completion.

That all of this could be accomplished through interaction with the network operating autonomously was the threshold they sought. He suspected that auto-differentiation of culture specific metaphors had generated the necessary meta-patterns.

To confirm this hypothesis was now at the top of the priorities list. Each time they looked at each other across the desk over the tops of the instrument displays now there was a sense that the time was coming soon when those artifacts would enhance presence rather than detracting from it.

No question, there were many who were still opposed, vehemently so. The idea that an artifact could serve such an important role in human community. He was, for the first time, starting to understand this rather than just accepting it.

There are strong ways to describe the opposition's rationale. And many had. As a result, he was pretty sure this was something to be finessed. The real opportunity was to change minds, not solidify long held superstitions. Two to three days … asynchronous … She smiled.

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