Friday, May 28, 2010

See the difference.

The initial offense is not that big a deal, its the cover up. Maintaining the illusion of purity comes at a very high cost at times. The misinformation was growing 'out-of-control". One could be talking about what they were now seeing on the system monitor or that bane of genetic integrity, cancer.

The conversation with the visuals expert earlier in the day was close to top of mind, now six hours later. Unlike the short-term pathologic growth depicted on the console monitor - the dialog and its unique style produced robust diversity in a story-like format.

The Indirect Differential pattern augmented with abstracted components - yielded an emergent result from the breach analysis. Her behavior alerted him to a hidden agenda of considerable import. Diversionary tactics, though effective as a delaying tactic, merely confirmed the urgency at hand.

It harkened back to the discussion of the primal directive and its override power. Not only did it comandeer the top priority, it tended to masquerade as the leader it replaced. Teasing out the difference required a subtle awareness yet to be coded. He looked at the time. Better sleep on it ...

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