Sunday, May 9, 2010

In Defense of Slow

An intelligent, well-meaning lady asked him not long ago, in essence, why ask why? The response from her network to her question, surprised her. And it also caught him unaware even though he initiated the exchange. Not so much that it was necessary to repeal his informed opinion. More that it was to extend and embellish it.

The experience taught him how important interactive discussions were to the process of inductive discovery. As they had discovered over and over, the very means that empowered their destiny changing agency was capable of undoing not only their agency achievements but them.

Interpersonal bonds were relatively easy to recognize. More subtle were the bonds that included a party of more than two. The ego, made possible by the ancient, powerful and primitive was wild and, at times, destructive.

The deep grooves carved by successful techniques. What happens when they out live their usefulness? The faster moving vehicles, not having time enough to fill them in, generate potholes.

As yet another lady pointed out. That which slows you down - can make you more careful when that is the wiser choice.

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