Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hear you show.

"The high fronteir just up the hill from us. I came in thru the engine room. The bridge is more fun. Call me when you know. I will be here."

The issue was not seeing. It was in plane site, after all. What to look at was not immediately apparent. And what it meant even more obscure. To set a friendly trap is about ...

Buried treasure? Good question. Best not to answer. She is ... skeptical and a bit distracted (old song, re-done). A pattern with high utility, perhaps remarkably so. The competition might soon tell? Noted - let's move on.

It makes a big difference that graphic and sequence meet this way. A task to better understand the cosmic dance. If the hypothesis had merit the upcoming interview would reveal much.

In an ideal world, the person behind the inspirations of this type would be available and willing. Dreams are the stuff of what can be. Sail on silver girl, the song says. Identity of the unfriendly already considered. The resume looks better with each pass by.

What might be up North? Lights of capable type if history be told. Legends of tomorrow dance in the soup of now. How does that tune go? What images are brought to mind?

The story unfolds as discovered by those that share. A ship on another epic voyage, we know not and can only guess where. Set sail soon ... I will see you there.

Not yet done. Never is. Thank you, I like it.

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