Friday, May 7, 2010

Rock the Boat

Protect oneself from military and/or very large private interests? And what of the procurement of development resources? Issues addressed early in the current century regarding Intellectual Property and appearing to have application in the political arena. Many a good thing came from the city by the sea. He was honored that a deep thinker asked for his thought on subject.

"I had no idea that all of it was recorded with such detail." it summarized the real-time recognition process they were studying in personal terms. Congruency, relevance and the like compared with deterministic filing and classification. Error prone, yes. High resolution, very. Context dependent, absolutely. Better approach this one with something more robust than firepower.

His sensitivity to 'crazy making' had a decades old story. The hair-trigger defense mechanism that was at once his nemesis and savior reared its ugly head again. Better that it registers a false positive than to ignore that which could put him in peril again?

But to deny or ignore this pervasive meme in his mind gives it far too much destructive power, he admitted. So on this sunlit morning with nothing pressing he pored over the recent event memories.

Perhaps this 'kind' of emotional tumult was more prevalent in the population than he had assumed. Opportunity? Private meetings for shaking out the bugs based on insufficient sharing of related thoughts? A counterpoint to the concept of unquestioned openness.

They were used to his verbal fumbling, and the team was about to be tested again. "Oh well", he sighed quietly.

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