Sunday, May 2, 2010

Machine Assist

From nearly two decades of experience he was now considering the assembly of a message for machine translation. It would embody the indirect content with as little cultural assumption as possible. Inspired by a brief morning transaction with PM™ this experiment was mostly a hunch but based on early revelatory interpretations by the team.

"Simply observing what translates well and what does not is a filter that reveals suspect assumptions. If a given assumption is not self-contained, it will be necessary to keep broadening the considered context until a reasonable level of independence is reached."

Success visualization appeared plausible as expected. It was its vivid, specific detail that made it worthy of attention. He wanted to say the temporal dimension dominated but that was only true of the metaphorical instance (purely imaginary). Sequence, with a preferred motor vector was the frame instead. Implicit, the sensory vector reversed the sequence (for another time, he noted on the log).

To continue would be unwisely bold, he decided. The discovery was satisfying but inconclusive with respect to the next step. The only risk in a premature attempt was to dilute the subtle meaning. This decision was easy, indeed.

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