Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Best Opportunity

"The trail is not cold yet, if we move quickly just the effort to cover the tracks will generate enough 'heat' to help us get closer to the source."

This was truly good news. At times, this process seemed futile and the only thing that kept them pursuing an explanation was an occasional intentional deception hint. Now, with this latest insight, they could justify employing more resources. Most tasks had been moving at a torrid pace as if nothing was impeding. It felt a bit spooky. Then in the last several weeks it seemed as if they were climbing a sand dune. And the wrong one to boot.

Not so much that it felt bleak but in high contrast to their initial success. And now it was clear that it was due, in part, to a sophisticated stealth effort to slow their discovery process down. The usual questions arose who, how …

"First step is to see if anything in the named pattern library fits. If not, try the yet-to-be-named one and so on?"

"Yes, lets get started.", she answered.

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