Monday, May 3, 2010

Identity Memes

"… It presumes the valuing mechanism is functioning well enough."

"That sounds reasonable. If I am understanding, what you are saying is the new one has caught and perhaps surpassed the old in several of the most important categories. That is a big deal … a very big deal".

Their collective astonishment was quite palpable. This aspiration of the project was more about application than discovery though still a mix of both. The mind boggling implications not just the stuff of great fiction. This was actionable, at least in the strategic planning sense.

In one map, each node connected a probe to the machine for a duration. Its purpose was to download accumulated wisdom and upload sensory data. Each probe as flexible as possible to serve a mission type. The mission type, in turn, as generic as global support would allow.

The epic meme battle was to get a major scheduled test in about 6 months. Its spontaneous manifestations were unfolding as they met. Meanwhile the identity meme would get a fresh new look, it was certain. When the pattern emerged on the system monitor, they simply could not look away. It nearly jumped from the display surface right out of background simulation and right into their laps.

Identity meme … it has a lifetime of missions. It is highly scalable. Very little about it can remain static though the few of its elements that are, need be very well understood. When the contribution of inductive recursion to team coherence became explicit rather than implicit …

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