Saturday, May 8, 2010

Loosen' Up Brother

Wondering what an observer would think watching them that did not speak their language. The multi-rhythmic nature of their spontaneous verbal interaction punctuated with seizure like but nevertheless individual actions. About all they really had in common when the words stopped from time to time was a mouth wide open smile.

If there was anything that distinguished this group, it was that they were so different in applying their innate talent and excelling at doing so. And here they were, gathered around a table, laughing at each other as though each had honed a night club comedy act over a period of years.

The prescient phenomena not only continued, it gathered momentum. This gathering was another clear illustration. It is not so much that an event was preceded by a prediction as it was that the probability of the event was high given the subtle hints were available to those who knew how to see … the elegantly probable.

This was a pattern begging for encoding. Though he was having 'the time of his life", another part of him could not wait to get back to 'work'.

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