Sunday, May 30, 2010

Proximate Dissonance

"Is it possible we have got it wrong."

"You acted as if most of the entropy had been extracted. And you now admit a flood of doubt. Yes its possible it is not what you thought!", no mistaking her sincerity on this one.

Some of the patterns on the monitor clearly showed a disturbance. True that there was an inappropriate privacy component. And when displayed, that it was so vivid and unique was not lost on him. Climbing this far and exhausted from the effort, all would still be moot if the underlying hypothesis was an insufficient approximation.

Back in the original moon shot days - remember blank check and a JFK deadline? - to spend time and significant money to discover that a technology was nothing more than a rabbit trail … lets just say dream interrupted. Was this the same thing, decades later? Or was he projecting his unfinished old tune onto the current situation?

A life well-lived is a moon shot or an Apollo 13, rock and fellowship in the mud, a righteous agenda in a complacent quagmire. "Paranoia strikes deep. Into your life it'll creep." If those values survived several more senseless wars does it mean that they are somehow wrong? Or right and just not enough?

The new candidate … his arrival very timely. Old values, new hope. Potent mix who's time has come.

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