Monday, May 10, 2010

Root of All Evil

Recalling a time when the image of it crystalized. It seemed often preceeding that moment that he would see currency just sitting around as if it was a very different thing to his close associates. Over decades it was variously a symbol of wealth, a useful device for exchange of value, a source of stress in that it reminded of insecurity. Then the special experience, available to all, of being in the world for the Truly First time.

At first blush, one would think it was somehow cavalier to regard it as mess that needed to be cleaned up, when higher priority items had been taken care of. How can we be so … blind. This is something that we really need. Well maybe just want … a lot. Perhaps it was too expensive? Sort of a nuisance.

All led to that summarizing moment, when little piles of it appeared in several rooms, as if to say, "See us. There was a time when we meant far more to you. Now you see us for who we really are, just objects. Sometimes useful, sometimes not."

Funny money, what a phrase. When the Madoff's who had not been caught yet would use their anonymous power and money to get you to make their agenda ours through lavishing wealth on the media.

This pattern, borne of insecurity and the compulsion to objectify pervaded society to a degree that threatened its very existence. Making crazy, something we abstraction engines are subject to, individually and collectively.

Attribution, understanding it may well have been the most important breakthrough leading to this image on the system monitor. Today's task: Verify.

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